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Employees who understand and appreciate that their employer is providing them with a good benefits program are commonly longer-term and better motivated employees. As well as retaining personnel, a good benefits plan will aid in attracting high-calibre employees. The overall benefits to you are reduced training costs and improved productivity, which ultimately lead to more profitability.

At Regency, we specialize in custom-designed benefit packages that are very affordable and built around the needs of our clients. We offer cost containment options that can be fine-tuned to any cost pressure faced by an organization.
Our services are driven by dedicated people and proprietary systems who work for you.
The demographics of a group determine the rates of a benefit plan. The age, sex, salaries, etc. of the plan members make up the demographics. As the group ages, the risk of claims increase and, therefore, the rates may follow suit.
Rates also depend on which options you choose for life, disability, health, and dental.

The employer has the flexibility to share the cost on benefit premiums in whatever manner is most suitable to the needs and goals of the company.

benefits, Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefits, and Critical Conditions benefits which generally cease at the earlier of retirement or age 65. The travel coverage is not valid for employees who reside outside of Canada.

Regency offers a wide selection of products that allows you to build a comprehensive benefits plan for your business, no matter what size it is. Group plan benefits can include Health Care, Dental Coverage, Prescription Drug Coverage, Vision Care, Travel, Life Insurance, Dependent Life Insurance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Short and Long Term Disability Management, Critical Conditions and an Employee and Family Assistance Plan.

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