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About Regency


Regency was founded in 2006 by Darwin Forbes and Ian DeCorby, who saw an opportunity to better serve group benefit clients. Instead of providing “brokerage” services, which simply offer plans with the cheapest rates, both founders saw an opportunity to provide holistic and innovative solutions to better manage their clients’ benefit plans.

When your benefit plan rates increase, the usual proposed solutions are one or a combination of the following:

  • Reduce the benefit.
  • Eliminate the benefit.
  • Change insurance carriers.
  • Eliminate the benefit plan entirely.

At Regency, we have many solutions that can reduce costs without eliminating benefits. Some of these solutions include:

  • Managing prescription costs with tiered formularies, central dispensing pharmacies, and generic drugs.
  • Altering the own occupation period within the long-term disability plan to reduce costs without any disruption to coverage.
  • Using third party administrators to actively manage the benefit plan. This allows us to choose the best insurer for each line of benefit without changes to benefit booklets, billing statements, benefit cards, or claim procedures.
  • Providing clients with rebates for “Going Green” and online plan enrolment.
  • Providing the “Release of Reserves” option for clients to keep your money where it belongs – in your company!
  • And more!

Your employee benefit plan should complement your business and assist with employee recruitment, wellness, and retention. Regency’s goal is to listen to you, our client, to understand the unique needs of your business so that your employee benefit plan will work and evolve with you.

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