Did you switch insurance carriers to get a better rate, only to find out that the rate sky rockets after the first year?
Stabilize Rates

Insurance carriers will often quote low to get your business, and then increase prices later down the road to make up for the "loss" on the first year. At Regency, we negotiate your rates based on actuarial analysis to ensure that your rates changes are justified, sustainable, and competitive the first year, and every year after.

Looking to lower plan costs without sacrificing the benefits your employee's deserve?
Lower Plan Costs

At Regency, we understand the meaning of value. We also agree that there's nothing better than adding value without increasing costs. Regency's customized employee benefit packages includes exclusive products and services that your employees will appreciate, without effecting the budget. Just a couple of examples of these free of cost add-ons include:

  • Ceridian LifeWorks - An Employee Family Assistance Program (EFAP) that provides your employees with confidential counselling services on a wide variety of life's challenges, from financial issues to managing grief and loss.
  • Disability Management Institute - A service that liaises between your employees who are absent, or planning to be absent on a disability claim and your Human Resource personnel to ensure that employees do not feel forgotten while on disability, and to assist in developing and implementing a back to work plan that fits their needs.
  • Accident and Serious Illness - This benefit adds value to the traditional accidental death & dismemberment products by also providing coverage for employee's diagnosed with a serious illness, providing your employees with the peace of mind that they will receive financial assistance in the event life throws them the unexpected.
  • Access to Care and Diagnosis - Provides your employees with expedited access to medical imaging (MRIs), hospital cash benefit and trip cancellation to ensure that your employees first in line to receive the care they need, physically and financially.
Spend too much time administering your plan?
Lighten Workload

Feel like there is not enough time in one day? Do you ever wish you had someone on staff to administer your plan and assist your employees with their questions? We can help. As a client of Regency, you will be assigned a dedicated Service Advisor and Service Administration Team. Your service Advisor can assist you with everything from questions about your billing, to benefit coverage, to employee's claims questions. Your Service Administration team will help you with every employee application, termination and change. In addition, we have service standards to ensure that you receive the help you need in a friendly and timely manner. Your Regency Service Team is will lighten your workload so you can accomplish great things with your newly found time.

Frustrated by having your benefit plan administered separately from your group retirement plan?
Plan Administration

Would your life be simpler if you had one provider for all of your employee's benefits, including your Group Retirement Savings Plan? Regency provides, administers and consults on Group Retirement Savings Plans for clients in order to identify and implement synergies between the benefit and retirement plans in order to maximize the value employees receive, while providing you with the peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of under one roof.

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