What is Cost Plus
Cost Plus is a specialty health and dental program designed for individuals (sole proprietors) and owners of small companies. A Cost Efficient Benefit Plan provides the Cost Plus service at very reasonable rates.
Cost Plus is a Private Health Services Plan. Cost Plus was introduced as a cost efficient and tax effective means of providing health and dental benefits for small and medium sized businesses. If you have an incorporated business or operate as a sole proprietorship, you qualify. The size of the business does not matter. There may be one or numerous employees.
Advantages of Cost Plus
  • Cost Plus provides up to 100% coverage on all Health, Dental and Vision care related expenses not eligible under your Group Insurance Plan.
  • Cost Plus can supplement existing health care plans that do not offer full coverage. Alternative benefit plans normally do not provide the coverage desired or are simply not cost efficient as is Cost Plus.
  • Cost Plus fills the gap. You never pay for the coverage you don’t use or need.
  • Cost Plus covers all health-related expenses eligible under the Canada Federal Income Tax Act.
  • Cost Plus is an inexpensive way for incorporated employers and sole proprietors to provide tax free health and dental services for themselves and their dependants, their employees and their dependants. These services, available through Cost Efficient Benefit Plan are 100% tax deductible to the corporation or the sole proprietor.
  • With Cost Plus, an employer defines which employees participate and sets the level of coverage.
  • Cost Plus offers flexible coverage as defined under the Income Tax Act. The health and dental expenses of one’s parents or grandparents may now be covered under Cost Plus.
Cost Plus Administration
A Cost Plus Benefit Plan can be administered through our office at a very reasonable rate. The cost to you, as an employer is simply:
  • The cost of the claim
  • The administration fee
  • 5% gst on the administration fee
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