Regency Advisor Services

At Regency, we understand that providing best-in-class client service places significant demands on your time. Regency partners with Advisors across Canada to provide a wide range of client services to clients of all sizes and industries. Advisors can select the degree to which they would like to service their clients, and let Regency take care of the rest, freeing up time to focus on other aspects of business or to begin the transition to retirement without sacrificing client's service experience. Through our service standards, use of technology and team of advisors, we will ensure that each of your clients receive the highest standard of service while affording you time to pursue that which matters most to you.

Standard of Service

At Regency, client service is our priority. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced Advisors will effectively manage your clients needs. To ensure consistent and timely service, Regency has set out standards of service. These standards are outlined in a mutually agreed upon Service Level Agreement (SLA) and are actively monitored and managed through our innovative technology.


Regency employs the use of a customized client relationship management sytem to ensure client needs are met. Regency's technologies allow us to monitor deadlines, promote organizational transparency and ensure that we are meeting all our service standards. Our system is capable of producing client communication and activity logs as well as internal operating reports, facilitating fully transparent operations and relationships with advisors.

Regency offers 3 levels of client service, allowing Advisors the flexibility to choose the extent of Regency's involvement in client's service experience. Whether it is having your valued staff maintain relationships while Regency assists in administrative services, or utilizing Regency's team to provide full client service, you choose the level that's right for you. For more information, please contact Darwin Forbes, President & CEO or Ian DeCorby, Vice President.

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